It was three a.m when his phone rang. Cecil awoke with a slight groan and reached for his vintage ivory and gold phone. He mustered some energy before trying to speak.




     “Mr.Ivory speaking, who is calling?” He asked with a tone slightly over a whisper.




     “Police, we have your son.”




     Cecil felt a jolt of nervous energy streak through his body, surely his dear son Adair isn’t in any trouble.




     “Officer, that is not possible, I just saw him off to bed about four hours ago.”




     “Really? A short blonde kid around 14 yrs old?”




     Cecil felt faint, it couldn’t be. But he had to make sure. He dropped his phone, got dressed, bolted out to his Mercedes and sped to the police station. He exploded through the double door entrance and went to the officer on call sitting at the window.




     “Police called me, s-said they have my son?” Cecil’s heart shook his body with slow heavy blows that made him feel nauseous and weak.




     “Hold on sir.” The officer on duty called. Cecil took a seat. He was surrounded by empty seats and silence. Then the sound of locks unlocking, a heavy thunk and a grating sound of rusty metal hinges led Cecil’s focus to a door on his right.




     “Here you go son. Don’t be out this late at night again alright? Here you go sir.”




     Cecil couldn’t believe his eyes, he almost couldn’t breathe, much less stand. His son, his youngest one that had been missing for three years has suddenly found.



Missing EPIC BLOG # 9 … i think.

Forgot the theme to this blog so I guess I will free write.

I have to do my interview wssay which is like writing a story in whcih I am very good at wow I am typing very fast I should check my wpm…. I am so bored I shoul do something else with this blog and then I could get some work done…..

I am gonna keep this short so I can start my english and math work, especially my chinese since I seem to be lacking alot.

Creative Random….

The Future

“What will be in my future? I have no clue at all. Will I grow up short or grow too tall?
Will my hips stay big? Will puberty make me thin? Will I go to a bar at 18 or 21?
I just don’t know. But one thing I do know about the future is, that in fifteen minutes when I get home, I’m gonna eat me a cup of noodles and sneak into Mr. Ivory’s wine cellar, heheh!”Anya-Marie eclaimed.

My GeGe My MeiMei (older brother and lil sister)

‘My brother is very odd. I wish I could say emo, but he has no emotion at all.
Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it makes me worry. I mean, seriously. When he sliced his finger on a piece of glass, he didn’t even flinch, or cry.’ Haoting thought to herself.
‘My sister doesn’t know where me emotions lay. They are deep inside me, battling each other. I do feel pain, yes, I do cry. But one thing I will show, is that I will always love you.’ thought huaiting

EPIC Blog Post #10 The opening of an essay.

This is what the opening of my essay would be like. My thesis based on an epic book called praying for sheetrock.


Praying for Sheet rock is the inverse of a history book. An epic account of history by its atoms and intimate details. The epicenter of this story is McIntosh county and how its sherrif, Tom Poppell ran it with an iron fist and the mis-justice as well as civil rights issues that laid within. The attention to minute details explains in of itself the role people in this story played.


Oh my god writers block, off to find my muse, I will possibly do this.

EPIC Blog Post #8 Homework 8O

On your blog (for post #8), answer in 1-2 paragraphs, one of the reading group questions from the back of the book

Autum: Hmm, Okies! My response is to question one about living under a rogue dictatorship. I used to go to school in SE DC called PR Harris, and the principal was a very stern man, even cold sometimes. But if you looked at the school you would easily see why. It wasn’t until one day        someone threw an apple at my head did I realize the why he was like that. Why he kept the school’s two genders seperate. Why he had to openly on a speaker bribe someone 20 bucks to tell him who hurt me. His rule over the school was depressing at first, but I noticed the surroundings were the sole reason. Like Poppell, and how his surroundings fueled and or allowed him to do and get away with certain things.  

Research Paper Sources part 1

This Interview is being conducted by Autum Jones, Guest here is Xexilia zajac the author and artist of Eternity Concepts.

Autum: What do you think causes writers block?
Xexilia: Usually I think that happens when the writer has accidently written themselves into a corner–a situation the characters can’t readily solve, or that ends the story too soon, or they’re overwhelmed with too many ideas at once. Of course, there’s good, old fashioned ‘Plain out of Ideas’ as a factor, too!

A: What did you do when you have experienced writers block?
X: Usually, I listen to music. I have play lists all designed for specific story’s I’m working on, or moods I’m trying to create within the story. When this fails, I get away from my writing and just spend time thinking and researching; I watch a lot of documentaries, usually about subjects with no definative answer (Like the paranormal), or that are relevant to part of my writing (Like history). Long car rides help, too, I’m not sure why; Something about riding as the passanger and staring out the window just gets my mind flowing in unusual ways. I try to entertain, too, the same story from every character’s perspective–which can sometimes generate new ideas.

A: Do you think WB workshops will help
X: In theory? I think a lot of workshops just try to provide you a connection to your own, inner muse. Granted, I’ve never taken a writer’s workshop–but from what I’ve seen protrayed in the media, these workshops seem to help so long as the student puts in the effort and takes it seriously. I think, really, these work in the end because you have someone telling you what to write–rather than sitting down and having to decide it for yourself. In many ways, setting boundaries is what allows writers and artist’s to start exploring them. . .sometimes by simply trying to figure out how to step over the boundries without crossing them.

A: Do you think WB workshops for the MM community exculsively would be good?
X: I do think that they could help; I’ve talked to a lot of people just in MM chat who’ve come in and mentioned some kind of story problem. When people do that, I tend to jump into these conversations a lot and just end up tossing various information and ideas at them, to get them thinking in new or different directions. In this regard, I think a workshop could help a great deal, by allowing people to pose story problem questions and get various answers; Almost always, when someone talks to me about a story problem, I get an idea instantly and will suggest it to them. At the same time, I would be a little weary, as I think most would expect would say manga/comics isn’t the same as writing a novel or book–and I tend to disagree. I think it would be good just so long as, like any work shop, the students are there to learn and improve, aren’t married to their ideas, or are open about which ones they are married to, and don’t reject what the teacher has to tell them because they don’t write a certain kind of media.

A: WHat are some quick tips to beat WB or maybe shut down the inner critic?
X: Well, I listen to that inner critic rather heavily–sometime’s it’s right! I recommend music; I’d focus on the music that makes you picture something in your head, and reflects the mood you’re out to write. I also think that taking a hot shower or bath helps–it seems like whenever you absolutely cannot write from where you are? You get ideas. There’s also adventure; Have an adventure. I don’t always recommend writing about it–but these make good story ideas and can educate you on how things really work versus how you expected them to. Finally, research; Wikipedia has been a huge boon for me, and I spend probably an hour on it every few days–and if I’m not careful, I can read nothing except Wikipedia for weeks on end (And I have.)

Kinda EPIC Blog post #7: Praying for Sheetrock

Sigh, I read a little bit of PS, and I have to say that as a writer I loooove her descriptions. Its like your eyes are eating food off the page. But at the same time I feel there is a big presence of importance inside this story that has yet to come out or be read in my case. 

I like the way it reads like an inverted history book. The justice we want to see for the characters is the current freedom we are living now. This book already has a very powerful feel to it and I do predict that I will become strangely addicted to this book as I usually do to all good books in the past.

EPIC Blog Post #6: Writer’s Friggin Blocks….


by Paul Joe Watson

Dear Writer’s Block,

How I despise you, how you surprise me. Blocking me, annoying me. Can I erase you away?

My hate is so red with rage it is almost an obsessed love that I harbor for you deep inside.

Why would I love you WB? Is it because you are warning me?  My plot or plan is crumbling?

WB, oh WB, do you enjoy me? I know you come so oftenly. But wait, just a second, you really do help me. Surprising as it seems. Writer’s block has become a personal alarm.

WB you aren’t to be hated, but loved. As acceptance of you makes me realize what I am doing wrong. Being comfy with a sh**ty first draft and embracing that the first turnout will stink like a mass of garbage landfills that sat for years is a palatable thought. But writers block, you are harder to come to terms with.

WB, you can’t live with it. But ‘ya can’t live without it!