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Goals For Myself…

Hey Everyone! Autum Jones here!

Today I will be blogging about my goals.

For my first semester, I wish to achieve good drafting skills, patience to write, learning my way around writer’s block, and to write a good –very good– essay. My reasons for this are probably similar to your’s, get good grades and so on and so forth, but actually, mine are a little deeper than that. To me writing is an art and a process of skillful technique. To hone my ability as a writer I set forth these goals to improve my overall confidence as a writer.

Drafting skills to me, are a must. Not just to write essays, but to write a good rough overview of a chapter I would be working on. Or to know how to scruff a side character together. The  way I write requires good drafting skills or else… I will get lost in my own writing.

Ok, I will stop at patience to write, before I write an essay about goals rather than a blog. Patience to write no matter how big or how small can effect whether you procrastinate or not. To me, I want to dive in and get to the point! Forget everything else, I would love to start at the cliamax and end there, but I know I can’t logically do that. Therefore, I end up procrastinating, which is a writers worst enemy. Hopefully this blog will keep me on my toes. Because, I have a lot of good stories to churn out.


That’s all for now people! AJ signing off




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