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The EPIC Trilogy of How I Write…

Ok, maybe not a trilogy, but sort of a synopsis of how I write. I am a picky writer and in order to write, I have to have my music, a computer with the program Celtx, and my drawing supplies. These  things are definitely necessary for me to keep writing. Motivation is the thing that comes from all these items combined. All writers need that, no?

So we start with music, something I am addicted to. What kind, you say? Scores, instrumentals, and Celtic (Enya). Scores are soothing and make me think freely. I listen to scores from “Titanic” and “Twister”, go to youtube and listen, they are very invigorating, yet soothing and get you thinking more easily. Enya, is just as amazing. Her songs are a melody of different languages that seem to massage my brain and ease me out of writer’s block.

Celtx, if you are a writer of a novel, screen-play, comic book writer or even a scripter, you have to download it, there is a free version! It helps me sort things out and keep track of chapters I write and keep multiple chapters in one file. You wouldn’t believe that writer’s block can come from a lack of oraganization.

Lastly, I need to have my dearly beloved art supplies. Since I am a very good artist, I like to draw pictures concerning my stories. It’s one of my writer’s block remedies too. When I need to get back into the mood to  write, I doodle the character I am writing about. To me it’s not just the words that come to mind, but the emotions that come along with it.

Well, That’s my EPIC Trilogy on how I write! AJ signing off!


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