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EPIC Blog post # 1and a half Writing and Revision.

I chose to write a paragrah (Well story format) Which is option 6. pg167

The sky was melancholy with gray. The air was annoyingly thick. ‘Ugh, the weather is just not helping me!’ Complained Anya-Marie.

“Hey, Anya! What’s up!” Hollered Loris from across the street. She lived in a semi-wealthy neighborhood, there were Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Corvette’s in almost everyone’s garage. “Hey Loris. What’re you doing?”

“Just passing time.” Loris replied dully.

Time went by slowly. They walked and talked, then went to their respective homes. Anya, looked outside her window at a sad gray sky and sighed. The wind sang a sad melody making the sky rain. ‘How weird. Why did the weather get so depressing? Its July, not January!’ She thought.

“Dinner’s ready!” Her adoptive father called.

She ran downstairs and stuffed herself at a table. She waited for everyone else to show, but she was the only one.

“Guess we will be alone this evening Anya.” Her adoptive father, Cecil softly mentioned.

Dinner was just as boring as the weather. So after dinner, she did her home work and went to bed.


2 responses to “EPIC Blog post # 1and a half Writing and Revision.

  1. This was well written and shows creativity. My only gripe is that nothing actually happens at all in the story. I know that it was only, roughly, a paragraph, but it seems like it should build to something, but, instead, is just a girl coming home and going to bed. Good job, though.

    • jonesau5

      Lol, this is what is called Slice of Life!
      Go to and look it up.
      It’s exactly what you said, which I am happy to hear.
      Thanks for the comment Will!!

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