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Story Vomit!!! Yay :D

Okay time to beat writers block in the head.

Anya-Marie Roman, she is a rogue orphan who steals money from pimps and other criminals to survive. She is a thief and a beautiful liar. One day, she is out on the town, clad in her leather leotard, black mask an hat. She rushes into a jewelry store and swipes anything in grasp.

Unfortunately for her, Detective Kyle was inside about to purchase a rolex, which she nabbed and flew out the door. He followed right behind her in a hot pursuit. Over cars, swinging off of stop-light poles, and dashing through roof tops, how in the world did Det. Kyle who is in his thirties keep up with an eleven year old? Must be the rolex she took.

She stops on the top of a chimney of an abandoned building.

“Stop already. I’ll give you your beloved watch back.” Anya said.

“Look kid, you have to stop doing this… It’s not the life for a kid. Go get adopted or something!” Det Kyle urged.

Anya looked at him, the vision of him blurred, tears came to her eyes.

“No one can love or care for someone like me. Here, I’m sorry. Bye Det. Kyle…” Anya jumped and was on her way home.

Kyle grabbed his watch, and sighed. He was deeply concerned about Anya-Marie.



2 responses to “Story Vomit!!! Yay :D

  1. ksi0120

    Is this going to be peridocially uploaded story?

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