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EPIC Blog Post #2 Reflection on Essay 1 Yay… I hope.

Ok, Hi people! Autum here, or maybe you can call me Dj-Cloud! Heheh!

Anyways I am here to talk about my first English 1101-H Essay I wrote in class.

I have to say, I hope I made sense. Because I get a different feeling than what I intially expected to feel. My hidden strength is actually understanding, patience and teaching! Quite alot I have to say, but hey, it was just an impromptu essay.

So, no worries there! But I do think I need work so… eh. Wow, I can’t think of what else to say. Other than I looove teaching, and I want to write more. Luckily, there will be more Essays for me to do.  Oh! I forgot, yes, my brainstorming. I used webbing for my brainstorming, it was interesting. It kept me on track and focused, at least I really hope so. I have a feeling that brainstorming will be a major factor in the future, looking at how I approached this essay.


2 responses to “EPIC Blog Post #2 Reflection on Essay 1 Yay… I hope.

  1. I like how you wrote this blog, it’s kind of like I’m right there sitting next to you. Anyways I used a web thing for my brainstorming and think it kept me on track too, because its all laid out in front of you. So how did you end up doing on your essay?

    • jonesau5

      Good, actually! What web thing did you use I wanna know too!
      Oh yeah thanks for the comment! I love it when my readers feel so close to whatever I am writing about!
      See you in class Carly!!!

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