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EPIC Blog Post #3 Writing Comics harder? Or Easier?


Comic by Autum Jones

Writing isn’t just about boring essays and reasearch. It’s about art too!

But of course y’all already knew that… at least I hope so.

And if you don’t then read the rest of this totally epic blog!

I am majoring in chinese and I’m used to frequently writing stories, usually in english. I decided to spice up the writing ritual and write something in chinese! Cool huh? Just because it’s not English doesn’t mean it’s not writing!

Now the comics portion. Writing comics doesn’t mean just writing the story itself. Oh no, you have a lot more in store for you. You have to think of the plot, panel layouts, sound effects, captions and whatnot.

But it’s an interesting medley of art and writing that blends together.

As a matter of fact, after writing comics, you will think essays are a whole lot easier after all. Trust me, it is.


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