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EPIC Blog Post #4: My Commun(i)ty


By Autum Jones

I always enjoy a vibrant community, because I am vibrant too. Currently my community is a predominantly Asian one. It is mixed though, like a palette of splattered paints! Asian; gold, black and green. Latino; black yellow red green. African American; Brown gray dark green and mahogany. Causasian/European: Blue, light brown, and yellow. Wow, so many cultures and colors that combine into one unique rainbow to make one unique culture.

My Chamblee community, I love you. My anime community I love you. My art community I love you. To all my favorite communities I love you.

I feel welcomed here, blended in. I have never really been accepted in the African American culture, but I realized race doesn’t depict culture or community. I am a mix, a blend of all hues and colors and tints. Chroma and all! I belong to everyone’s community, not just one. My home is everywhere.

My communities are awesome, and they all have a piece of me which adds to the vast majority.


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