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EPIC Blog Post #8 Homework 8O

On your blog (for post #8), answer in 1-2 paragraphs, one of the reading group questions from the back of the book

Autum: Hmm, Okies! My response is to question one about living under a rogue dictatorship. I used to go to school in SE DC called PR Harris, and the principal was a very stern man, even cold sometimes. But if you looked at the school you would easily see why. It wasn’t until one day        someone threw an apple at my head did I realize the why he was like that. Why he kept the school’s two genders seperate. Why he had to openly on a speaker bribe someone 20 bucks to tell him who hurt me. His rule over the school was depressing at first, but I noticed the surroundings were the sole reason. Like Poppell, and how his surroundings fueled and or allowed him to do and get away with certain things.  


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