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Creative Random….

The Future

“What will be in my future? I have no clue at all. Will I grow up short or grow too tall?
Will my hips stay big? Will puberty make me thin? Will I go to a bar at 18 or 21?
I just don’t know. But one thing I do know about the future is, that in fifteen minutes when I get home, I’m gonna eat me a cup of noodles and sneak into Mr. Ivory’s wine cellar, heheh!”Anya-Marie eclaimed.

My GeGe My MeiMei (older brother and lil sister)

‘My brother is very odd. I wish I could say emo, but he has no emotion at all.
Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it makes me worry. I mean, seriously. When he sliced his finger on a piece of glass, he didn’t even flinch, or cry.’ Haoting thought to herself.
‘My sister doesn’t know where me emotions lay. They are deep inside me, battling each other. I do feel pain, yes, I do cry. But one thing I will show, is that I will always love you.’ thought huaiting


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