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It was three a.m when his phone rang. Cecil awoke with a slight groan and reached for his vintage ivory and gold phone. He mustered some energy before trying to speak.




     “Mr.Ivory speaking, who is calling?” He asked with a tone slightly over a whisper.




     “Police, we have your son.”




     Cecil felt a jolt of nervous energy streak through his body, surely his dear son Adair isn’t in any trouble.




     “Officer, that is not possible, I just saw him off to bed about four hours ago.”




     “Really? A short blonde kid around 14 yrs old?”




     Cecil felt faint, it couldn’t be. But he had to make sure. He dropped his phone, got dressed, bolted out to his Mercedes and sped to the police station. He exploded through the double door entrance and went to the officer on call sitting at the window.




     “Police called me, s-said they have my son?” Cecil’s heart shook his body with slow heavy blows that made him feel nauseous and weak.




     “Hold on sir.” The officer on duty called. Cecil took a seat. He was surrounded by empty seats and silence. Then the sound of locks unlocking, a heavy thunk and a grating sound of rusty metal hinges led Cecil’s focus to a door on his right.




     “Here you go son. Don’t be out this late at night again alright? Here you go sir.”




     Cecil couldn’t believe his eyes, he almost couldn’t breathe, much less stand. His son, his youngest one that had been missing for three years has suddenly found.



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