The True Man was a man with a switch :o

Today at the walmart there was a woman that didnt have enough money to cover her bill, 

She was about to put away somethings so she could afford everything.

There was a (gay –I mean no offense–) man behind her, and just as the cashier deducted some items off of her bill, he stepped in and said ‘Go ahead I will take care of the rest.’ 

He showed up all the other burly and rich looking guys in the line. I have to say, the manliest man today was one with a switch. Work it dude XD


EPIC Blog Post #5: Music (scores), the translation of Unspoken words.


Image by Vera Kratochvil.

Hi everyone, this evening I chose to write about Music and how it is like an unspoken language that can be translated to words. 
As a writer I love to listen to various scores from different movies. And sometimes its like someone is speaking to me telling what I should write. The music goes from sound to emotion then to words. It is truly blissful, almost like eating a delicacy made just for you. 

Scores are the translations of unspoken words

a meaningful melody

giving inspiration in a colorful discovery

How many words to a song? No one will ever know

This time I am sure to find a melody’s world.

Stop. Think. Its time to sigh and dream,

a song to break a writer’s block 

and begin everything

From north to south

to stretch across this earth

the meaning of music? A never ending worth.


I hope that random poem sounded…. um made sense.


EPIC Blog Post #4: My Commun(i)ty


By Autum Jones

I always enjoy a vibrant community, because I am vibrant too. Currently my community is a predominantly Asian one. It is mixed though, like a palette of splattered paints! Asian; gold, black and green. Latino; black yellow red green. African American; Brown gray dark green and mahogany. Causasian/European: Blue, light brown, and yellow. Wow, so many cultures and colors that combine into one unique rainbow to make one unique culture.

My Chamblee community, I love you. My anime community I love you. My art community I love you. To all my favorite communities I love you.

I feel welcomed here, blended in. I have never really been accepted in the African American culture, but I realized race doesn’t depict culture or community. I am a mix, a blend of all hues and colors and tints. Chroma and all! I belong to everyone’s community, not just one. My home is everywhere.

My communities are awesome, and they all have a piece of me which adds to the vast majority.

EPIC Blog Post #3 Writing Comics harder? Or Easier?


Comic by Autum Jones

Writing isn’t just about boring essays and reasearch. It’s about art too!

But of course y’all already knew that… at least I hope so.

And if you don’t then read the rest of this totally epic blog!

I am majoring in chinese and I’m used to frequently writing stories, usually in english. I decided to spice up the writing ritual and write something in chinese! Cool huh? Just because it’s not English doesn’t mean it’s not writing!

Now the comics portion. Writing comics doesn’t mean just writing the story itself. Oh no, you have a lot more in store for you. You have to think of the plot, panel layouts, sound effects, captions and whatnot.

But it’s an interesting medley of art and writing that blends together.

As a matter of fact, after writing comics, you will think essays are a whole lot easier after all. Trust me, it is.

Every writer I know has trouble writing.

~ by Joseph Heller

This made me feel a whole heck of a lot better. I mean, the thought of other people writing away without problems annoys me. But this quote brings me back to life!!!

Every writer I …

EPIC Blog Post #2 Reflection on Essay 1 Yay… I hope.

Ok, Hi people! Autum here, or maybe you can call me Dj-Cloud! Heheh!

Anyways I am here to talk about my first English 1101-H Essay I wrote in class.

I have to say, I hope I made sense. Because I get a different feeling than what I intially expected to feel. My hidden strength is actually understanding, patience and teaching! Quite alot I have to say, but hey, it was just an impromptu essay.

So, no worries there! But I do think I need work so… eh. Wow, I can’t think of what else to say. Other than I looove teaching, and I want to write more. Luckily, there will be more Essays for me to do.  Oh! I forgot, yes, my brainstorming. I used webbing for my brainstorming, it was interesting. It kept me on track and focused, at least I really hope so. I have a feeling that brainstorming will be a major factor in the future, looking at how I approached this essay.

Story Vomit!!! Yay :D

Okay time to beat writers block in the head.

Anya-Marie Roman, she is a rogue orphan who steals money from pimps and other criminals to survive. She is a thief and a beautiful liar. One day, she is out on the town, clad in her leather leotard, black mask an hat. She rushes into a jewelry store and swipes anything in grasp.

Unfortunately for her, Detective Kyle was inside about to purchase a rolex, which she nabbed and flew out the door. He followed right behind her in a hot pursuit. Over cars, swinging off of stop-light poles, and dashing through roof tops, how in the world did Det. Kyle who is in his thirties keep up with an eleven year old? Must be the rolex she took.

She stops on the top of a chimney of an abandoned building.

“Stop already. I’ll give you your beloved watch back.” Anya said.

“Look kid, you have to stop doing this… It’s not the life for a kid. Go get adopted or something!” Det Kyle urged.

Anya looked at him, the vision of him blurred, tears came to her eyes.

“No one can love or care for someone like me. Here, I’m sorry. Bye Det. Kyle…” Anya jumped and was on her way home.

Kyle grabbed his watch, and sighed. He was deeply concerned about Anya-Marie.


Writers Freaking Stinking Block

Hey yall, I have the most nastiest thing in the world.

Its called…. Writers Freaking Block. Yes, it sucks and when I get blocked, its disgusting, I can’t even free write. That and my inner critic yelling. “Its not good enough, fool!” 

Yes, I am suffering right now from writers block while I am typing… Maybe typing will make it go away? I hope so. Because I hate, and I repeat, that I hate writer’s block soo much I could yell.

As a matter a fact I think I know how to beat it now. A Story vomit!!! Next Post!

EPIC Blog post # 1and a half Writing and Revision.

I chose to write a paragrah (Well story format) Which is option 6. pg167

The sky was melancholy with gray. The air was annoyingly thick. ‘Ugh, the weather is just not helping me!’ Complained Anya-Marie.

“Hey, Anya! What’s up!” Hollered Loris from across the street. She lived in a semi-wealthy neighborhood, there were Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Corvette’s in almost everyone’s garage. “Hey Loris. What’re you doing?”

“Just passing time.” Loris replied dully.

Time went by slowly. They walked and talked, then went to their respective homes. Anya, looked outside her window at a sad gray sky and sighed. The wind sang a sad melody making the sky rain. ‘How weird. Why did the weather get so depressing? Its July, not January!’ She thought.

“Dinner’s ready!” Her adoptive father called.

She ran downstairs and stuffed herself at a table. She waited for everyone else to show, but she was the only one.

“Guess we will be alone this evening Anya.” Her adoptive father, Cecil softly mentioned.

Dinner was just as boring as the weather. So after dinner, she did her home work and went to bed.